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*1 技術センター 先進技術開発部 次世代建設技術開発室

Development of T-Communication (Automatic Document Creation System)

Consideration of Application Development to Centrally Manage Construction Sites


In the work of the prime contractor at the construction site, he spends a lot of time managing daily work instructions and compiling the instructions in a document format. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of the work of the prime contractor, the information shared and exchanged between the prime contractor and the foreman using smart devices is automatically converted into digital documents to manage the work instruction status in real time and to provide necessary document data. We proceeded with the development of software that shortens the time required for creation work and streamlines site management work. In 2018, we constructed the overall image of the system, decided the input method, and developed the POC version and verified it on site from 2019 to 2022. In the future, we will make further improvements to put it on the market, verify it again at the construction site, and finally aim to commercialize the system including industries other than the construction industry.

Keywords: centralized management, efficiency, automatic, document preparation, operating instructions

*1 Next-Generation Construction Technology Development Section,Advanced Technology Development Department,Taisei Advanced Center of Technology