VR 技術の火災時の避難行動分析への応用

田中 俊成*1・水野 雅之*2

不特定多数の人々が利用する施設においては,火災時の人の避難行動特性を考慮した避難安全計画が重要である。これまでに小規模な空間条件を対象に避難行動特性の調査は行われてきたが,大規模な避難を想定した実験を行うことは困難であった。そこで,本研究では, BIM (Building Information Modeling) データとマルチエージェントシミュレーションによる避難流動の計算結果をVR (Virtual Reality)空間で統合したVR避難シミュレーターにより,大規模地下街における火災時の避難行動分析実験を実施した。本シミュレーターを用いた避難行動分析実験により,様々なシナリオに対応した避難時の状況判断を調査でき,建物の防災避難安全リスクの評価が可能となる。


*1 技術センター 都市基盤技術研究部 防災研究室
*2 東京理科大学

Application of VR Technology to Analysis of Human Behavior in Fire Evacuation

Toshinari TANAKA*1 and Masayuki MIZUNO*2

In large-scale facilities for an unspecified large number of users, it is important to have an evacuation safety plan taking into consideration the evacuation behavior characteristics of people during a fire. Previous studies have investigated human behavior during a fire under small-scale spatial conditions, however, it has been difficult to carry out large-scale experiments.
Therefore, in this study the authors have developed a VR evacuation simulator that integrates Building Information Modeling (BIM) data with evacuation flow calculation results from multi-agent simulation in VR space. Using this simulator, an evacuation behavior analysis test was performed for a fire in a large-scale underground shopping center. By conducting evacuation behavior analysis using this simulator, it is possible to investigate the situation during evacuation under various scenarios, and evaluate the disaster risk of buildings in advance from the viewpoint of evacuation safety.

Keywords: VR, evacuation behavior, evacuation guidance, digital signage

*1 Disaster Prevention Research Section, Urban Engineering Research Department, Taisei Advanced Center of Technology
*2 Tokyo University of Science