佐藤 康弘*1・末田 隆敏*1・坂本 成弘*1・藤井 俊二*2・嘉納 成男*3


キーワード:  ビルディングインフォメ-ションモデリング,バ-チャルリアリティ,維持管理,コンピュータFM支援システム

*1 技術センター 建築技術開発部 ニューフロンティア技術開発室
*2 技術センター
*3 早稲田大学

Development of Integration System between BIM and CAFM

System Outline

Yasuhiro SATOH*1, Takatoshi SUEDA*1, Shigehiro SAKAMOTO*1, Shunji FUJII*2 and Naruo KANO*3

The authors have developed an integration system between BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management), which enables facility managers to make decisions efficiently. With this system, the user can easily and adequately present BIM-created models and information about its facility management on a Tablet Terminal as well as on a PC. The effectiveness of the system was confirmed by the applied test to the existing condominium. In this paper, the outline of the system is introduced and the results of the applied test are shown.

Keywords:  BIM, VR, FM, CAFM

*1 Advanced Technology Development Section, Building Technology Development Department, Technology Center
*2 Technology Center
*3 Waseda University