村田 裕志*1・福浦 尚之*1


キーワード:  曲げ,ひび割れ幅,ひび割れ分散,かぶり,CFRP,RC梁

*1 技術センター 土木技術研究所 土木構工法研究室

Development of Crack Width Reduction Technique with CFRP in the Concrete Cover of RC Structure

Hiroshi MURATA*1 and Naoyuki FUKUURA*1

In some RC structures, cross sectional dimensions or the amount of reinforcement of members are determined by maximum bending crack width requirement to satisfy serviceability limit state. To achieve proper crack distribution, authors propose a new application concept of CFRP cables or grids within the concrete cover. Loading tests of RC beams with CFRP reinforcement in concrete cover were carried out to verify how cracks distribute by CFRP. From the experimental results, it is confirmed that the arrangement of CFRP in the concrete cover makes the maximum crack width one third as of the RC beam without CFRP reinforcement. It turned out that the reduction effect of crack width can be controlled the amount of CFRP. In addition, the crack width of the RC beam with CFRP arranged in concrete cover can be estimated by the proposed equation which is slightly modified from the original one defined in JSCE code.

Keywords:  bending, crack width, crack distribution, concrete cover, CFRP, RC beam

*1 Civil Structure and Material Research Section, Civil Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center