武者 浩透*1・大竹 明朗*2・渡辺 典男*3・大熊 光*4


キーワード:  UFC,超高強度,繊維補強,プレキャスト,床版,プレテンション,大量生産

*1 技術センター 土木技術開発部 土木技術開発プロジェクト室
*2 東京支店 土木工事作業所
*3 名古屋支店 土木工事作業所
*4 関西支店 土木工事作業所

Application of UFC Slab to Haneda Airport D Runway

World's First Large-scale Application of UFC Material and Development of Its Mass Production System

Hiroyuki MUSHA*1, Akio OHTAKE*2, Norio WATANABE*3 and Hikari OHKUMA*4

About 6,100 UFC precast slabs were installed in the area around Runway D and its taxiways at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda). The UFC slabs are required to carry heavy loads, such as a jumbo jet, and must be cost-competitive. Therefore, experiments in mass production, as well as structural tests, were conducted using various types of UFC slabs. A UFC slab with a rib structure and prestressing in two directions was developed along with a system for mass-producing the slabs. A dedicated UFC slab factory incorporating the mass production system was constructed and 6,100 high quality UFC slabs were produced. This is the first time in the world that UFC slabs were produced on such a large scale.

Keywords:  UFC, ultra-high strength, fiber reinforced, precast, slab, pre-tension, mass production

*1 Civil Engineering Technology Development Project Section, Civil Engineering Technology Development Department, Technology Center
*2 Construction Site, Tokyo Branch
*3 Construction Site, Nagoya Branch
*4 Construction Site, Kansai Branch