今井 博*1


キーワード:  テレイグジスタンス,AR,HMD,ウェアラブルPC,加速度センサー,地磁気センサー

*1 技術センター 建築技術開発部 ニューフロンティア技術開発室

Study of Construction Assistance System using AR Technique

The First Step in Introducing the Theory of Telexistence into the Construction Industry

Hiroshi IMAI *1

Conventionally, small wooden stakes are used in the construction field to mark positions such as the standard point, locations of H-section steel piles, etc. However, these markers are often lost as various vehicles and machinery used on site move over them. This makes re-measurement necessary. In this study, experimental results for a wearable assistance system that shows the marked positions on an AR display are described. The system can display stake locations as VR marks using the AR technique. It is also able to display mini-sized buildings in VR and allow a virtual walkthrough of the buildings on the HMD.

Keywords:  telexistence, augmented reality, head mounted display, wearable PC, accleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor

*1 Advanced Technology Development Section, Building Technology Development Department, Technology Center