高倉 正晴*1・日比野 浩*2・中村 敏治*3・光木 史朗*4・村角 保行*4
キーワード:  アルカリ骨材反応,弾性係数,振動試験,常時微動計測,弾性波,シミュレーション解析
Vibration Measurement and Simulation Analysis on a Reinforced Concrete Structure with Alkali-Silica Reaction
Masaharu TAKAKURA *1, Hiroshi HIBINO *2, Toshiharu NAKAMURA *3, Shiro MITSUGI *4 and Yasuyuki MURAZUMI *4
It is noted that material properties of an RC member with ASR are influenced by the constraint of rebar. As part of the study to estimate the seismic safety margin of the turbine frame of Ikata power plant unit No. 1, where ASR has generated expansion and crack, the purpose of this investigation is to estimate the elastic modulus of the concrete structure.
The results obtained from the vibration test, measurement of elastic wave velocity, and simulation analysis on the turbine frames showed:
1. The restraint of deformation from the peripheral structure was recognized at EL. 4.2 m.
2. The deterioration of elastic modulus due to ASR was prominence in the table-deck (beam members at EL. 17.2 m).
3. Through the simulation analysis, the elastic ratio of members with ASR to sound ones (without ASR) was estimated to be about 0.5 to 0.6.
keywords:  alkali-silica reaction, elastic modulus, vibration test, microtremor observation, elastic wave, simulation analysis
*1 設計本部特殊構造グループ
*2 技術センター建築技術研究所防災研究室
*3 技術センター建築技術開発部建築生産技術開発室
*4 原子力本部原子力設計部