キーワード:  アルカリ骨材反応,圧縮強度,弾性係数,耐力
Study on the Influence of Alkali-silica Reaction on Structural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members
Shiro MITSUGI *1, Yasuyuki MURAZUMI *1, Takakazu ISHII *2, Hideo TAKAHASHI *1 and Shinichi TAKEZAKI *3
RC specimens, in which alkali was added, were made and cured under accelerated condition of 40 degrees centigrade. Compressive tests were carried out on them and ones without ASR to estimate the properties, such as elastic modulus and strength, of the concrete with ASR.
RC beam and shear wall specimens were also made in the same way with the above ones to be tested under bending shear load. They were made of either concrete with ASR or one without it.
The results obtained showed
- that rebar amount had effect on expansion by ASR, strength, and elastic modulus of the concrete,
- and that the strength of the beam and wall specimens with ASR was approximately as high as ones without ASR.
keywords:  alkali-silica reaction, compressive strength, elastic modulus, strength
*1 原子力本部原子力設計部
*2 建築本部技術部建築技術部
*3 技術センター建築技術研究所建築構工法研究室