文村 賢一・下茂 道人
キーワード:  トンネル湧水,環境影響,地形,河川流量,GIS,DEM
Development of GIS system for Predicting Tunnel Inflow and Dewatered Area
- A System for Easy and Quick Prediction of Water Environmental Impact due to Tunnel Construction -
Kenichi FUMIMURA and Michito SHIMO
Recently, an environmental impact on water resources due to tunnel excavation is becoming one of the serious issues associated with tunnel construction. The authors have developed a system to predict tunnel water inflow as well as the possible dewatered area during and after construction of a tunnel. The developed system uses a conventional approach, so called Takahashi's method. By utilizing GIS, Geographic Information System, it reduces the time and labor for the analysis considerably. The system does not require professional knowledge on topographic analysis and the tunnels at any location can be analyzed using a built-in DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data covering whole Japan. The reliability of the analysis was confirmed by using an example of a real tunnel shown in the Takahashi's paper.
keywords:  Tunnel Water Inflow, Environmental Impact, Topography, River Flowrate, GIS, DEM