屋祢下 亮・梅田 和彦
キーワード:  屋上緑化,EPS緑化基盤,芝生緑化,温熱特性
Rooftop Greening by the Artificial Soil-panel with EPS
- Turfgrass Growth and Thermal Condition on the Artificial Soil-panel -
Makoto YANESHITA and Kazuhiko UMEDA
We developed the artificial soil-panel with recycled expanded-polystyrene and new cultivar of Japanese lawngrass "Misato" for the rooftop greening. Characteristics of this soil-panel were lightness (60-70kg/?), hardness and water availability. We established the test-field on the rooftop to evaluate performances of the soil-panel and "Misato". In the experiment, turfs on the soil-panel were maintained with once a week of water-application in spring and three times a week of in summer, and twice of cutting in a year. Averaged temperature on the surface of rooftop under the greening area was 28℃ in summer.
keywords:  rooftop greening, artificial soil-panel with EPS, turf, thermal condition