大山 能永・小野 浩史・森川 泰成・平手 小太郎*2・佐野 奈緒子*2・吉沢 望*1


キーワード: VR,被験者実験,VR酔い,住環境,立体視,動画提示

A study on the presentation and evaluation of residential space with VR technique

Yoshie Oyama, Koji Ono, Yasushige Morikawa, Kotaroh Hirate*2, Naoko Sano*2 and Nozomu Yoshizawa*1

This study examined the physiological influence at the stereoscopic animation of a room. The subjects were 14 20 year-old women selected from 115 in the view of getting VR sickness. The stereoscopic animation was estimated effective tool of prior examination, and many subjects felt 3-D feeling and realistic sensation. The following things were shown by the result of the experimentation. 1) The stereoscopic animation for 12 minutes did not influences physiologically. 2) A subject's eyesight influenced the VR sickness and fatigue. 3) The difference of the presentation methods in physical influence are cleared by measurement of Heart Rate Variability.

keywords: VR, evaluation, VR sickness, residential environment, stereo image, animation
*1 東京理科大理工学部,*2 東京大学大学院