織田 幸伸*1・伊藤 一教*1・本田 隆英*2


キーワード:  流況予報システム,流況予測,ボスポラス海峡,ICT,沈埋トンネル

*1 技術センター 土木技術研究所 水域・環境研究室
*2 東北支店

Current Forecast System Utilizing ICT for Marine Construction Operations

Applied to the Bosphorus Immersed Tunnel Project

Yukinobu ODA*1, Kazunori ITO*1 and Takahide HONDA*2

The Bosphorus Strait in Turkey has a very complex current that includes irregularly changing current flows and a two-layer current system with a backward salinity flow. Constructing an immersed tunnel in this location requires forecasting this complex current. For this study, we developed a current forecast system, in which the current forecasting model uses real-time monitoring data for more accurate forecasting. This data is obtained from several ICTs (radio, VPN, E-mail, and Web server). The final tunnel element was successfully immersed in September 2008. This system played a key role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the marine construction operations.

Keywords:  current forecast system, current forecasting, Bosphorus Strait, ICT, immersed tunnel

*1 Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Research Section, Civil Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center
*2 Tohoku Branch