佐藤 英佑*1・安田 聡*1・成原 弘之*1・松本 修一*2

本報は引張強さ780N/mm2級の高強度鋼材と設計基準強度150 N/mm2級のコンクリートを用いた超高強度コンクリート充填鋼管(CFT)柱の構造性能を把握することを目的とした構造実験の報告である。

キーワード:  CFT,超高強度鋼,高強度コンクリート,構造実験

*1 技術センター 建築技術研究所 建築構工法研究室
*2 設計本部 構造グループ

Experimental Study on Structural Performance of CFT Column using Super- High-Strength Steel and Concrete

Eisuke SATO *1, Satoshi YASUDA *1, Hiroyuki NARIHARA *1 and Shuichi MATSUMOTO *2

This paper is an experimental report on the performance of a column consisting of a super-high-strength concrete-filled steel tube (CFT). High-strength steel of 780N/mm2 class and concrete of 150N/mm2class are used.
The use of super-high-strength materials with the CFT structure is expected to result in smaller column sections that are suitable for application to columns on lower floors and in the void space.
In this study, structural experiments are carried out to clarify the compressive performance and structural performance of super-high-strength CFT columns under seismic loading. Based on a linear strain distribution, the ultimate strength of super-high-strength CFTs is verified.

Keywords:  CFT, super-high-strength steel, high-strength concrete, structural experiment

*1 Building System and Material Research Section, Building Engineering Research Institute, Technology Center
*2 Structural Engineering Group, Design Division