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Reducing vibrations caused by earthquakes and strong winds
Hybrid TASS Method

  In the wake of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake of 1995, major construction companies in Japan have been working to develop seismic isolation construction methods as part of their efforts to offer earthquake resistant buildings. The Hybrid Taisei Shake Suppression System (TASS) combines Taiseifs proprietary laminated rubber and sliding mechanism to significantly reduce seismic force. Laminated rubber is a powerful defense against pitching motions caused by earthquakes, and has the effect of lengthening seismic waves through buildings. The sliding mechanism absorbs horizontal seismic force in the form of friction energy in a sliding motion.

Seismic isolation technology developed by Taisei has been applied in high-rise buildings, as well. Taisei has won high praise for its development and implementation of this technology and was awarded a 2004 AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan) Prize (Building Engineering Division) for its efforts.
image With a total of 41 floors, and a height of 135 meters, this building is the largest residential complex (at time of completion) made of reinforced concrete and with a seismic isolation system. By using the hybrid TASS construction method Taisei is able to make safe yet luxurious and high quality skyscrapers complete with seismic isolation systems at comparatively low-costs. *Thousand Tower: The entire Shinkawasaki project has been named Thousand City, and building no. 1, the skyscraper, is called the Thousand Tower.
Steel dampers
Sliding mechanism
Natural rubber-based laminated rubber mechanism

Responding to Demands for High Earthquake and Fire
Resistance and Excellent Durability

Ultra high strength Concrete-

  TAISEI has developed the pre-blend binder for ultra high strength concretes, and has established the technology on production of ultra high-strength concrete with the specified design strength of 80-150MPa. It has been proved by the experiments that the structure members using these concretes have good earthquake resistance, good fire resistance, and good durability. Taisei has also developed a high-quality production management method for ultra high-strength concrete based on a method for swiftly measuring the unit water content of fresh concrete.

In Japan, this technology has been already applied to about ten high-rise buildings, and has obtained high satisfaction and high reliance of many customers. Based on such an actual result, this technology has won many technical awards in Japan Concrete Institute, the Architectural Institute of Japan, the Society of Materials Science, Japan, etc.

Taisei has introduced the advanced concrete technology not only domestically but also internationally at venues such as the triennial International Symposium on Utilization of High-Strength/ High- Performance Concrete, which has been held in the UK, Germany, and Norway.
image Tokyo Twin Parks, Tokyo., Japan

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