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Yoshiyuki Murata

President and Chief
Executive Officer

To create a vibrant environments for all members of society-

Taisei Corporation was founded in 1873. Since then, the company has applied its advanced technological expertise to numerous projects that have opened up new horizons.

The role of the construction industry is becoming increasingly complex. In addition to building structures, construction companies must find ways for human beings to coexist with nature, devise measures to deal with earthquakes and other natural disasters, and so on.

The Taisei group's corporate slogan is “For a lively world.” Based on this slogan, one of the major objectives of Taisei's corporate activities is to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the construction of safe and comfortable living environments.

Taisei Corporation and society share a common goal: to build a bountiful future for human beings while cherishing harmony with nature. With sincerity and determination, Taisei will continue creating new values that can be passed on to future generations.